*Clears Throat* Me Me Me Meemmeee!

I’m going to start my blog a little different this week. I’m going to tell you a story:

NetNarr Meme 4
Meme: Made by Me

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Xnirran who had just taken a nigh class about Digital Alchemy and Network Narratives. She had no idea there was so much darkness out there on the internet! The way algorithms control what she watched. When she got home that night, she could not help but let her mind wander off into space about everything she learned that night. But then the next morning…

NetNarr Meme 1
Meme: Made by Me

She went on her laptop to do some homework, but in the corner of her eye she couldn’t help but notice the YouTube icon just waiting to be clicked on. She was sweating; her hands were shaking. *CLICK* She started to watch video after video until two hours had passed by. Meanwhile, in another part of New Jersey, the government was on to her!

NetNarr Meme 5
Meme: Made by Kelli H.

Her best friend called her and said, “Quick! Quick! Throw off the algorithm on Youtube! They’re on to you!

Meme: Found on Internet

She quickly switched her videos around. Phew! That was a close one. There was a knock on her door. When she opened it, it was the government! “May I help you?”, Xnirran said. They said they had a few questions for me about my data tracking. “Come on in, come on in,” she said. After hours of interrogation, they could not figure out how she changed her algorithm on Youtube. They were flustered and upset. Xnirran had the perfect response for them too. (See meme above).

NetNarr Meme 3
Meme: Made by Me

After they left her house, she made it her mission not to be intimated by internet surveillance and data tracking anymore! She became bold, fierce, and more importantly safe! Go Xnirran!

The End 

This was such a fun week discussing memes and understanding where they come from and the different uses for it. Memes to me are a form of communication but also a stress reliever. I see funny memes on social media, and I’m able to laugh and relate to the posts based on background, race, community, relationship status, and so much more. Older generations such as Baby Boomers may not understand the meme culture, but I’m sure there were things from their generation that their parents didn’t understand either. I think things such as memes makes us different and unique. We created memes in class, and it was harder than I thought. There is a certain art form and a certain sense of humor that you need to have to make the meme work.

Over the past week, I was paying more attention to certain memes that I found relatable and funny. There are memes that have pictures with words and some without words that I believe are both considered memes. Here were some of my favorites from this past week on Facebook:


Thanks for “tuning” in! Here were my DDA’s I did this past week as well!








Enjoy Spring Break! See y’all next week!

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