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I replaced my nightly workout routine with this piece of electronic literature and what an exciting experience it was! Separation / Séparation by Annie Abrahams creates an innovative and intelligent way to create a new way to read poetry. At first, I was skeptical about it because before I read the program and played the game, the description said I had to “be active” to do this piece. If I went too fast, the poem would actually collapse. On top of being active for homework, I had read it very slow. Instead of having a negative mindset, I took Dr. Susanna Rich’s advice and decided to be more “right-minded.” After my points, I will discuss the progress of my project. Here are a few key thoughts that my right mind came up with:

  1. What I thought was interesting was how there is a physical and psychological connection from using a computer. However, it’s not so much negative, but the word that was used was “intense.” With the use of technology today and the amount of technology I use every day, I paid attention to what the poem was trying to say. The message that I received from it is that we have abused the access that we have of technology (specifically a computer) and no longer taking care of it or ourselves (specifically our bodies).
  2. The poem itself without the activities had a lot of intensity and an indirect message. My two favorite lines were, “We are exchanging constructing, developing to-get-her fusion, adaptation” and “I have to leave you, I need desintoxication, I must fight, I need to cherish, take care off pay attention to all the parts of me you don’t recognise.” Also, in case anyone was wondering what the word ‘desintoxication” is actually French, “désintoxication.” It means “detox’. Amazing.

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3. What was different about this poem is how after a couple of lines, a new activity would pop up. That was if you read the poem slow enough. I did an experiment and tried to read the poem fast. This is what popped up: I thought it was amazing how it said: “You don’t have the right attitude in front of your computer.” Just like I had a negative mindset at first before beginning this, the game picks up on the reader’s impatient attitude. Being too tense, your body not being in the correct position, your eyes not being at the correct height, or you “clic” too fast.

4. (Referring to the previous point): I was intrigued that there was a grammar mistake. I believe there were more than one, but this one was very obvious. “Either you clic to fast.” I haven’t figured out why the author put “to” instead of “too.” Also, the spelling of the word “clic.” I thought it was because of the whole English/French translation thing…but maybe I’m wrong.

5. (Now referring to point #4): I love it when a piece of literature (or anything really) is multilingual. Having the option to read this in French is an important factor that added another element to the piece. It also made me think about my own piece. I did not think about it before, but I am wondering how I can translate my piece into Spanish and/or French. I do have a multimodal project with sound, text, and music but I am curious to see how I can have another language or two for my piece.

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As far as my project in concern, I am pleased with the progress that I have made since last week’s workshop class. I have narrowed down a tool to use, which is Prezi. Many other digital tools would have worked well, but the way Prezi flows is a better match for my type of project. My original idea was to have a split screen of a HER ROOM and HIS ROOM. Then the reader could have the option to click on various objects around the room to complete a love story of a long distance relationship. I could not find the right tool for everything I wanted to do, but the changes that I made came out better than I expected. The concept is still similar except there is no split screen. I am happy that the reader will still be able to click on various words on the screen (randomly or in order of how I created it) and still see a love story unfold. I was able to make it multimodal, which includes pictures, videos, music, and text. One of the roadblocks that I am dealing with now is the voice. With the music playing over the screen, there is no edit for the volume so the voice can increase over the music. The second problem is coming up with a title, but hopefully, that will come to me soon.

Until next time!

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