ELit Storyboard! A Work in Progress…

I have not been this excited about a project in a long time. Although it is still rough around the edges, I really want this to work out. So here is my pitch:

At first, I had the idea of doing like of a mashup or combining music lyrics and individual pieces of literature. To do that I would need to have the coding for a generator, which I’m not sure if that is possible. The second idea that just came to mind (thank you Dr. Zamora) is the idea of a love story. I’m not one to write about my personal relationships unless it involves my family, but I’m thinking about creating the story of my boyfriend and me. From how we met to where we are now. Since we are currently involved in a long distance relationship, I’m thinking about having the multimedia include worldwide images, songs, video clips, photography, and voice.

The first page is going to be the cover page with a description of the two characters who are in the long-distance relationship. Also, on the cover page, I would like to tell their love story before they enter the interactive piece. The female character will be in America, and the male character will be in China. With the two globes connecting along with the flags and planes, I want it to look bubbly and inviting. Once someone hits enter on their mobile devices or computer, they will see a double screen page of the two characters’ rooms. HER ROOM and HIS ROOM. Underneath those titles, I want a small description of the room or maybe about the character. I could set a time and place as well that way the reader can have a better sense and more concrete concept of what is going on.


Beginning with HER ROOM, it is set in the daytime. There will be three icons that the reader will be able to click on. The first one will be a photo/video album. Once they click the album, they will be able to view key moments that the couple has had before being in their long-distance relationship. Each picture and video will have a description as to why these moments are so important. Between five and ten photographs and videos should be enough, depending on how difficult it will be to make it. The next one will be the poetry book. Here, the reader will be able to read different poems and quotes written by me. This gives me the opportunity to show that this is, in fact, a piece of literature and not just a game. The last one, the reader will be able to look at the female character’s diary. Another part of the literature aspect of the piece. The reader will be able to see the dark and hard times that happens in a long distance relationship along with the good times.


On the other side of the screen, the reader can take a look at HIS ROOM, which is set at night. Just like HER ROOM, this room will have three icons. The first one is a speaker icon where the reader can hear the two characters’ voices. They will hear voice messages left by one another for each other. Sometimes you will hear happiness, sadness, crying, one of them being upset, and frustration. I’m not sure if my boyfriend and I will use our own voices or I might have other people instead. The next icon is music notes. This is one of my favorite parts because the reader will be able to see the characters’ playlist that they made together. I want the link to be able to open up to Spotify or Apple Music where they can hear the songs and listen to the playlist. I am still working on this part and how I can make it more exciting. The last part is called “365”. 365 will open up to a separate page where the reader can see a box. When they click on the box, they will be able to see 365 notes that the female character gave to the male character. One note a day since her boyfriend will be gone for one year. (Which is something I actually created).

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 5.02.58 PM

There are a lot of kinks that still need to be smoothed out, but I am hoping I receive feedback on how to make this better. I also want to have a more structured story, especially since my story has not ended yet with this. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to comment!


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