Limited Spaces and Research Identity

“Limited Spaces and Research Identity” by Purdy and Walker Response

This article discussed the various methods and ways students can go about developing research skills. What the article suggests is that students learn new habits when it comes to research. The new generation has developed a different way of research because of online research and technology. Since there is no way of turning back, this article suggests a new way for students to research without losing credible sources. The internet and online websites can be a distraction when it comes to finding plausible articles and websites to use for a student’s paper. The article mostly talks about students who are at the university level. They are the students who have been geared towards the wrong direction when it comes to researching a topic online the most effective way.

I agree with what the article when it said, “Students need to be able to make their own investigations into these practices and to understand the complexities and contradictions in the ways that academic research practices create knowledge” (Purdy and Walker, 34). Along with learning a new skill when it comes to doing research, it is also important that the student keeps their own mindset and understanding of their research. Teachers and professors want students to reconstruct what their idea of research is. However, at the same time, they want the student to keep their individual ideas about their research. What they could do is use that and combine it with skills such as brainstorming and topic decisions, which are terms and ideas that the article suggested.

I have always struggled when it came to doing research at the university level. Even when it was something that I enjoyed. The problem is that the internet has so much information that typing a few words can become overwhelming. What this article has taught me is that it is better to brainstorm and write ideas down fully before doing research. By doing this, I can have a better knowledge of the topic I am researching resulting in better results when it comes to writing my paper. At the same time, I can do this method without losing my individual mindset as a student. It is better that we have different research from students, instead of having different students do the same type of research. The reason I say that this is because we would have a better variety of knowledge and practices when it comes to academic research at a university level.


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